We are here because of our kids.

Our kids are the future of the planet and especially the future development of the digital world.
Parents have a major impact on it because they have the right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their kids.

The main goal of School of Technology & Innovation is to provide the students with the tools, inspiration, encouragement and most of all confidence to make them able to advancing technology from the mediocre to the significant.


Hour of Code™

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Fundamental Course

This level is designed to be fun, engaging and hands-on focus on problem-based learning. Its blend of computer and non-computer activities to teach students about:

The computer world and how to use digital devices

The programming concepts

The computational thinking

Explore how technology can impact the world

The problem-solving

The creativity

Intermediate Course

This level curriculum is focus on learn by objective to let the students stepping on coding:

Creating web-pages

Developing software and mobile apps

Developing games using block-based visual programming language

Robotics and visual coding

The data representation

Cyber Security concept

Apply the knowledge they’re gaining into practice

Get the coding skills they need in their life

Advanced Course

This level curriculum is let you learn deeply the advanced computer programming and other in-demand ICT subjects to build your professional skills and advance your career or study.

You will learn:

Creating complete website

Developing complete software/apps.Developing complete game using programming language

UI/UX Design

Building/Assemble the computer hardware

Build, modify, control, and write code for Robotics

Cyber security and Blockchain

Big Data using R/Java coding

STEM Robotics Course

In this level we are introducing the world of Robotics Programming:
Student will learn about the Robotics programming and how Robots are made to move and turn
Student will learn mathematics & and science fundamentals through gaming and fun
Student will learn about Continues Learning and Improvement


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